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Western Union

The fastest way to transfer money worldwide

It has become easy to make money transfers. Western Union gives everyone the opportunity to send and receive money transfers around the world easily and simply.


  • Reliably - Every year millions of people rely on Western Union if they need to support a family that has stayed at home, save travelers in an unforeseen situation and ensure the stability of the company. Each transfer is protected by our world-class security system, it can be checked by a control number, as well as a unique password chosen by you. Western Union guarantees a quick and full payment of your money to exactly who they are intended for.
  • Quickly - Money can be received within a few minutes after they are sent. Western Union uses the latest electronic technology and its unique worldwide computer network, which allows you to make immediate payments in more than 181 countries around the world.
  • Convenient - Western Union service points are located where you need them: in banks, post offices, pharmacies, shops, supermarkets, train stations, airports and other places. Most of these points work at a time convenient for customers and on weekends. With more than 238,000 service points, Western Union is the world's largest money transfer network. 

For more information, please visit the website www.westernunion.ru


Transfer amount, €/$ Client commission
USD, EUR, UZS Transfer currency
Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan Geography of translation
0.5% Fees for sending a transfer

Required documents:

  • A copy of the passport (the original is provided for viewing);

Documents to download:

Benefits of Aloqabank money transfers

Low rates

Informing about the status of the transfer

Addresslessness when making a transfer

How to make a transfer?



Document proving your identity


Surname and name of the recipient of the money transfer


Country of the recipient of the money transfer