Surxondarya branch

Surkhandarya branch

Phone: +998 76 224-12-94, fax: +998 76 224-26-62

Address: 190110, Surkhandarya region, Termez city, Alisher Navoi st, 9a

(acting) Head of branch: Rakhimnazarov Oybek Bozorovich

МФО: 00985


Working time:

from 9:00 to 18:00
dinner: 1:00 – 2:00 p. m.
Every day without weekend


Main indicators (2017.01.01)

Clients 220,679
Assets (bln. UZS, not consolidated) 69.6
The loan portfolio (bln. UZS) 59.5


Schedule of reception of legal entities and individuals


Full name


Reception schedule

E-mail address

Days of the week



Rakhimnazarov Oybek Bozorovich

Acting head of branch



Jurayev Talib Karshiyevich

Head of Department of Monetary Circulation – Deputy Head of branch






Minibank «Denov»

Phone: 0 (376) 413-13-47

Adress: Denov district, Denov city, Mustaqillik st, 54

Reference point:


Minibank «Uzun»

Phone: 0 (376) 447-37-55

Adress: Uzun district, O’zbekiston st, 26

Reference point:

Minibank «Jarkurgan»

Phone: 0 (376) 432-38-71

Adress: Jarkurgan district, Jarkurgan city, Uzbekistan st, 26

Reference point:

Minibank «Sherabad»

Phone: 0 (376) 322-20-89

Adress: Sherobod district, Mustaqillik st, 18

Reference point:

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