Internal order

About General Shareholders Meeting

  • The Regulations on the General Shareholders Meeting of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Revision Commision

  • Regulations on the Revision Commision | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Supervisory Board

  • Regulations On the Supervisory Board of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Audit Committee

About Committee of Minority Shareholders

  • Regulation On the Committee of Minority Shareholders of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Banking Risk Control Committee

About Procedure of actions in the conflict of interests

About Executive Board

  • Regulations on the Executive Board of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Information Policy

About Internal control

  • Regulation On internal control of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

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