Online payment

OJSC " Aloqabank " together with the company «CLICK» allows cardholders of the bank to pay for various services in real time via the system "CLICK". With this system you can make payments via mobile phone (via USSD\SMS- portal) or the Internet (via the Web \ Web-mobile) services for mobile operators and Internet service providers, transfer money to other individuals, trade and service enterprises (purchases in supermarkets, restaurants and payment in the cinema); do online shopping in online stores directly from your bank account.

Main features of the system:
  • make payments via mobile phone or the Internet directly from credit card;
  • manage billings using USSD / SMS / WEB - portal;
  • transfer funds to other users;
  • transfer funds from one account to another;
  • activate the service "Avtoplatezh" allows you to keep the balance in the "workers' state;
  • view payment history;
  • online checking of balance of bank accounts;
  • get account details;
  • repayment of the loan, and more.

For on-line payments through the Internet you need to have just a plastic card Uzkart, connect it to the system "Click" and go on the links below to open a personal account.

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