Mobile banking

OJSC "Aloqabank" offers its clients a modern service of remote bank account via your mobile phone. This system allow without having to visit the Bank, regardless of location, as well as at any time convenient for you to receive current information about the status of the account, as well as to conduct banking transactions on the account.

"MBank" Mobile banking - this service allows you to monitor and manage your accounts anywhere via mobile phone without using cash.

This system gives you the following opportunities:

  • to monitor the status of your accounts, loans and deposits;
  • to make payments with no commissions, transfers to the various service providers - housing and communal services, mobile operators, local telephony services, Internet providers, cable and digital TV, etc;
  • make purchases in online stores directly from your bank account;
  • make transfers between your accounts;
  • to repay the loans, refill the deposit and other accounts;
  • receive statements of operations carried out on the account;
  • quickly receive information on the flow of funds to the accounts.

You can always refill the account by enrolling the funds received as wages, pensions, scholarships, dividends, cash or funds in plastic card. You can be absolutely sure about the safety of your funds for operations with the use of mobile banking. All the accounts of our clients are in safe security systems.

Only registered users can the system of mobile banking. In order to connect to the system, you need to visit a branch of our Bank to open a special account. Immediately after opening the account, we provide you with data (PIN) to log on "MBank", which you must change at the first work in the system in the "Settings" section.

In order to use the app "Moybank", it is necessary to download it from AppStore or PlayMarket.

Connection to the system is free of charge.

Download the Agreement with bank | * .pdf | 356 Kb|

Download the app from PlayMarket (for Android)

Download the app from AppleStore (for iOS)

Download the app for Symbian (for Symbian OS and Java)


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