Online microloan

Basic terms of online microloan:

Loan amount 


Annual interest rate

Form of loan provision

• The minimum amount is 50,000 soums;

• Maximum amount-up to 10 times the size of the basic estimated value

1 month 



Through plastic cards opened within the framework of the Salary Project at JSC Aloqabank


Main requirements to get  an online microloan:

  • potential client should not have overdue debts on other loans;
  • potential client must have a salary of at least 11 months for the last 12 months, including constant monthly earnings for the last 6 months;
  • The amount of the microloan is set at least 25% of the average monthly deposits to the potential client's Bank payment plastic card (including the amount of monthly repayment on current loans).

Neccessary Documents:

No documents are required to be submitted to the Bank. The loan is provided through the official mobile application "AloqaMobile".


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