Auto loan

Purpose of loan:

To purchase a car from official dealers of "uzauto Motors" JSC by transferring funds to the Bank account;

The terms of the loan:


Годовая ставка

Размер первоначального взноса

Льготный период

up to 1 year

23 %

In the amount of 50% of the loan amount

without exemtion period

from 1 up to 2 years

23 %

В In the amount of 40% of the loan amount

without exemtion period

Credit security

  • Mortgage of the purchased vehicle;
  •  Before providing Mortgage for the purchased vehicle, an insurance policy is provided to insure the Bank against the risk of non-repayment of the loan;
  • mortgage security in the amount of 40% to 50% of the loan amount. When making a Mortgage of the purchased vehicle, the funds are sent to repay the loan.

Required documents

⦁ A copy of your passport (The original is provided to check);

⦁ Purchase and sale agreement contract of a supplier of goods and services;

Information about the borrower's income (co-borrower, individual guarantor) is requested from the information database of the State Tax Committee (STC). If there is no possibility to obtain information on income from information database of the STC (if an application is received from a client that does not pay income tax or has an exemption to pay income tax or if you encounter technical problems in the information database of the STC and the internal system of the Bank) information about the income is provided by the borrower (the co-borrower is an individual)

Security documents

  •  Security Deposit in the amount of 40-50% of the amount of the purchased vehicle

If a third-party waranty is provided as collateral for the loan, the following documents are provided by the warantor:

if a warantor is an Individual

  • A copy of passport (the original is provided to check)В случае если поручитель

If the warantor is a legal entity:

  • Balance sheet with attachments;
  • Audit report;
  • Decisions of the founders on consent to warranty;

In Surkhandarya and Mirabad branches, the provision of this type of credit is temporarily suspended (with the exception of complex service centers)


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