Loans in foreign currency

Loans in foreign currency

The conditions of the Bank for allocating loans in foreign currency from its own account:

The loan Amount - up to 70% of the total project cost

Maturity- up to 36 months

Interest rate (annual) - 10-14%

Purpose of credit:

  • To purchase production equipment;
  • To purchase of vehicles and special equipment;
  • Replenishment of working capital (purchase of raw materials, components and spare parts).

provision of credit:

  • Buildings and structures;
  • Motor vehicles and/or special technical equipment;
  • Third party warranty;
  • Insurance policy.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Application;
  • Business plan or feasibility analysis;
  • Financial statement;
  • Documents for granting a loan.

Users of these services - Businesses that have receipts in foreign currency

Delivery documentations:

If mortgage is available:

  • property assessment Report;
  • Cadastral documents, technical passport and/or technical supervision;
  • Protocol of the meeting of founders on consent to bail.

If a third party acts as a guarantor:

  • Balance sheet of the guarantor company and its applications;
  • Audit report;
  • Protocol of the meeting of founders on consent to bail.

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