Project financing

OJSC "Alokabank" implements project financing of investment projects directed to the construction of new and enlarging, modernization, extension of production (including acquisition of equipment, materials, samples of new items, other tangible properties and technologies). Bank finances economically perspective, cost efficient projects.

Main terms of financing:

  • The equity of own capital should not be less than 25% of the total project;
  • Loan period - the project is estimated to be accordance with cash flow (priority is self-funding projects for 5 years);
  • Interest rate - the interest is set in accordance with project payback but not less than the refinancing rate of the Central Bank.

Loan is NOT issued to:

  • the projects forming the share capital;
  • projects with a high degree of risk;
  • importing enterprises and selling finished products for domestic capital formation;
  • speculative investment.

Required documents:

  • Application for the loan (purpose, terms, annual interest rate, grace period and support should be indicated);
  • Technical economical sound business plan of cash flow project, financial arrangements, market condition, and basic indicators of expenses and profit;
  • Charter and constituent documents with all amendments (legally certified);
  • Annual and the last period (quarter, month) financial statements with form 1 accounting balance, form 2 financial results, form 2a data about accounts payables and accounts receivables with the maturity no less than 90 days that approved by the tax authorities and sealed;
  • Contracts (on delivery of equipment, tools, raw materials, ready for use facility, construction work, and sales of manufactured products);
  • Cadastre of real estate projects (cadastre issued on security of land and buildings);
  • Technical passports of acquiring equipment, competitive lists and contracts for acquisition;
  • Positive resumes related to the companies project (ecology, government committee on architecture and other);
  • Design and estimate documents;
  • One of the support types.

Additional documents may be required.

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