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Exchange offices

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The following operations are carried out at the exchange office:

  • Sale of cash foreign currency to individuals and non-residents
  • Exchange or consolidation of foreign currency in the amount of currency that raises doubts about authenticity
  • Collection of foreign currency received from individuals
  • Purchase of foreign currency in cash from individuals for cash payment in national currency
  • Cash withdrawal of funds available on international payment cards of individuals in national and foreign currency
  • Currency transactions of cash foreign currency of one foreign state to cash foreign currency of another foreign state (conversion)

Conversion operations are understood as cashless money exchange operations using a plastic card of an authorized bank and an international payment card in a foreign currency.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-1914 dated January 1, 2013 and Regulation No. 2944 "On approval of the regulations on the procedure for carrying out currency exchange operations with individuals in commercial banks" registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 6, 2017, conversion departments and currency exchange offices operate in Alokabank.

List of conversion departments

Branch Address Phone numbers
Operations Department Mirabad district, Amir Temur avenue, 4 +998 71 230-77-77
Karakalpak branch Republic of Karakalpakstan, Nukus, st. Dosltik, 102 +998 61 222-03-18
Khorezm branch Khorezm region, Urgench, st. Al Khorezmiy, 106 +998 62 226-65-25
Djizzak branch Jizzakh region., Jizzak city, st. Sh. Rashidov, 6 +998 72 226-91-49
Navoi branch Navoi region, Karmana district, Yangi arik KFY +998436 539-99-99
Fergana branch Fergana region, Fergana city, st. Burkhaniddin Marginoniy, 69a +998 73 244-44-55
Andijan branch Andijan region, Andijan city, st. Pakhtakor, 11 +998 74 227-85-35
Kokand branch Fergana region, Kokand, st. Turkistanskaya, 1 +998 73 543-33-55
Mirabad branch Mirabad district, st. Nukuskaya, 22 +998 71 255-80-08
Surkhandarya branch Termez, st. F.Khodzhaeva, 13 +998 76 224-12-94
Samarkand branch Samarkand, st. Bustansaroy, 36 +998 66 231-10-00
Namangan branch Namangan, st. Turakurgan, 75 +998 69 233-29-68
Kashkadarya branch Karshi, st. Uzbekistan, 47 +998 75 223-15-51
Bukhara branch Bukhara, st. K Murtozoeva, 6a +998 65 223-23-54

Individuals who are residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and individual entrepreneurs open international payment cards in foreign currency in accordance with the established procedure.

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